1.关于友情的高中英语作文带翻译 原创



4.英语作文:friendship and love


关于友情的高中英语作文带翻译 原创

       Friendship is indispensable to people's life. A man without friends is an angel without wings, whose life will suffer in the long tolerance of loneliness and depression. Friendship is the mother of our psyche, who'll warm her kid when hurt occurs. We have much to share with our friends in life, perplexity, excitement, bitterness etc. Alas, it's magnificent to maintain a genuine friendship.

       It takes many special qualities to make a friend. Understanding should come first. Only when we get a better understanding of each other can we gain an authentic and meaningful friendship. We may find our hobbies of common interests. This feeling of affinity gets us closer and closer.

       It also takes a special kind of love that seems to know no end. Never hesitate to show your heartfelt care and kindness to your friend when he/she is in trouble. Love is not selfish. Love is endowed by God that we should treasure all our life.

       Tolerance is the third essential part in friendship. We are absolutely different persons. This individual distinction may cause conflict between us in every aspect of our life. Don't immerse ourself in this infliction too long. Try to tolerant his/her in an introspective mood. Saints are not perfect, let alone those ordinary people like us. Afterwards, we should get a good communication. Never shy to confess.

       Understanding, love and tolerance are the first three essences that comes to an authentic friendship. Other qualities are also concerned such as thoughtfulness, trust and patience. Remember, friendship is your psyche's guard, treasure it







       the true friendship

        The bell ring the bell... ! The bell rang for class, this class is a language lesson, I thought to myself, don't know what the teacher the class who can speak the text?

       Originally, the teacher in the classroom to tell us a little about "friendship", is about a man named jack Bauer students have difficulty in solving arithmetic word problems, homework often please help, some students will let jack Bauer copy his homework again. Cockroaches think this classmate enough "friends". Some classmates tell jack about problem-solving ideas and steps, only let him think independently finish the homework, he felt that classmate enough "friendship". The teacher finished, let's think about what students help jack Bauer is right? What is true friendship? I wanted to think, to help jack Bauer on topic ideas and steps of classmate is right, because only in this way, small strong in such a problem he would do it, but afterward he could slowly homework independently. And those who put their homework let jack Bauer copy again, it is not good, also not the real "friendship", if you do this, he will slowly form the bad habit of relying on.

       Remember once, I was doing, I don't know a word, my deskmate Chen told me that my next time when I meet the word will be read. She often help me, so now I think it's a true friendship.










       I have a good friend. We go to school and play games together. It can be said that we are inseparable. We have known each other since we were young. It can be said that we have known each other for a long time. I believe our friendship can last a long time, because it lasts forever.


英语作文:friendship and love



       Is my good friend Wang Xue, she is a good friend of my hometown, he has sparkling eyes, the nose like grapes, and chubby little hands, he can write good word, let me say she is how to build the good word.

       In fact, the beginning of her words was not beautiful, the teacher said that she is the word "while", the teacher said to him: "write to horizontal flat vertical, stroke at a write." So she is determined to, must practice good words, she bought it practice word posted elementary curriculum synchronization, noon and night to finish the homework every day, all adhere to the practice for half an hour, after a semester unremitting efforts, finally perfected the word, she told me that the teacher praised her, let her out of the blackboard! I also get the inspiration: no matter what is so long as has the perseverance, perseverance, perseverance, constant efforts will succeed!

       This is my good friend Wang Xue, she is my good example to learn!


       I can tell all people, she is my best friend in my life. In fourth grade, from turned to a few students in the class, including her, she looks very lovely, long hair, big eyes, the bridge of the nose is also wear a pair of *** all eyes, she gave me the first impression is approachable, of course, we get along well with each other, between us unavoidably some stuttering, many times because I'm too capricious, and her people will find the photograph of the she has a broad mind, can give a person a kind of pletely relying on her feelings, when I have a secret, you can talk with her, are in trouble, could you ask her to help, can I put my heart to her, she never leaked the secret of others, so I respect her, we have entered junior high school, I more hope we can be assigned to the same class, extend our friendship forever! My world is more beautiful because of you, you use color brush, drawing out for my world the most beautiful blueprint!


       Everyone has a good friend, and not a, today, I want to introduce a good friend is Chen Gan. She is a lively and lovely little girl. Big eyes, a thick glasses. A *** all nose, plus a cherry *** all mouth, beautiful! But she's very love reading, no matter where, as long as I saw the book, hungry right now, to read anyone called her, she would like to hear and see. Some of life's problems, she would like to recite the text back down. Many things happened in between the two of us, also, but I can never forget that. Remember the time her to our home to play, I'm work in class, she saw I was writing assignments, said nothing, pick up a book begins to look, and I just finished the homework, picked up his mother to buy me a knife to start playing. Accidentally, I handle broke, bloody, I panic, hurriedly picked up the toilet paper to wipe. She is busy. In the end, I wanted to think: hongyao tablets with water! Anyway the merbromin also can disinfect. She see me in the merbromin, robbed off ahead of schedule. She said alcohol contains mercury, is good for the body. No way, only listen to her. Beginning with alcohol, I a while Shouting, for a while pulled your leg. She carefully rubbed, also said to me, insist on is victory! Hang on! Just a short sentence, I deeply feel the friendship between friends. Sure enough, a few days the wound is healed. The deeper the friendship between us. Look! This is my best friend








       What is friendship? It is to relate with somebody without need for money or objective. It is to need emotion and over wealth is friendship , no matter what their background , age , sex or personality.

       Friendship can be pure. We hear , nowdays, however, how one can be cheated by friends. Many people get along with someone because they have a lot of money. It is doultful that is real friendship.

       Having friends, one can be find happiness. If you are in trouble your friends will help you through or at least comfort you. When you are happy , they share it with you. They are also there for you to chat with at any time.

       It is a wonderful feeling, as the proverb says" to love each other is easy but to make frieds is hard", So, it is crutial that we should get along with our friends. In my opinon ,it is a shame to deceive your friends . The world would be more beautiful if it was full of filled with friendship

       翻译:友谊是什么?友谊是一种不需要钱或者物质来维持的人与人之间的关系。无论人们的背景 年龄 性别或者个性怎样,友谊的维系需要感情多过财富。