People always play the joke that love is nothing to do with the age, weight and height. But it is normal for an older man to fall in love with the a young girl, while it is criticized for an older woman to fall in love with a young boy. As far as I am concerned, love is equal in front of two people who love each other.


        In people’s eyes, they will applause for the older man who marries a young girl, because they think the man is such capable. They accept the idea that love is nothing to do with the age. When the situation comes to women, people will look down upon their relationship and speak ill of it. It seems that love has something to do with age.


        There are so many couples show the good example of women can married a person who is younger than them and they live happily. On the contrary, the young couples get the high divorce rate, but the media only cover the former situation, which brings pressure to the women.


        There is no doubt that true love happens when a couple loves each other with their hearts, age is not the problem.



        American people are crazy about sports, basketball, baseball and football are very popular there. Most of them take exercise everyday, there is no doubt that sports have been part of their lives. But soccer as the most popular sport around the world, meets the awkward situation in the United States.


        When people talking about basketball, everybody will think about NBA in America, which is the biggest basketball match in the world. It attracts fans from all around the world. But people barely connect soccer with America, because American people show little interest in it. For the old generation, they even don’t know how the game is played.


        American football is different from soccer, it needs the unique sets to protect the football players, because the rule allows the player to grab the ball and then hit other player to win the match. American football is not favored by the coutries that outside the United States. But more young people in America like to play soccer and they make some breakthroughs in the World Cup matches.


        Soccer will be favored by more people, because the world is talking about it.





       Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a shortessay on living in the virtual world. Try to imagine what will happen when people spend more and more time inthe virtual world instead of interacting in the real world. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

       We have to admit that the impactoftechnology on society is unquestionable. Whetherconsidering?the TV or thecomputers, technology has had a hugeimpact on society. While not every advancehas been beneficial, there have been many positive effects of technology. Theinternet isone typical example.

       With the development of science andtechnology, the worldis no longer what it used to be. But the ability ofcommunication isa significant skill which should be cultivated if we want tosurviveand succeed in the world. But the way of communication with peoplehaschanged dramatically. Almost everyone today has a computer, anduses it tocommunicate with their friends, family, and evenbusiness. The virtual worldcommunication has changed the way thatpeople communicate.

       Since communication between peoplein the real world is of utmost importance, lack of communicationwilllead to perish of human beings. Through communication in thereal world, mutualunderstanding can be promoted and fosteredbetween people, which cannot bereplaced by the virtualcommunication.


       Your Sleeping Position and Your Personality.

       Everyone has got two personalities-the one that is shown to the world and the other that is secret and real. You don’t show your secret personality when you’re awake because you can control your behavior, but when you’re asleep, your sleeping position shows the real you. In a normal night, of course, people frequently change their position. The important position is the one that you go to sleep in.

       If you go to sleep on your back, you’re a very open person. You normally trust people and you are easily influenced by fashion or new ideas. You don’t like to upset people, so you never express your real feelings. You’re quite shy and you aren’t very confident.

       If you sleep on your stomach, you are a rather secretive person. You worry a lot and you’re always easily upset. You’re very stubborn, but you aren’t very ambitious. You usually live for today but not tomorrow. This means that you enjoy having a good time.

       If you sleep curled up, you are probably a very nervous person. You have a low opinion of yourself and so You’re often defensive. You’re shy and you don’t normally like meeting people. You prefer to be on your own. You’re easily hurt.

       If you sleep on your side, you have usually got a well-balanced personality. You know your strengths and weaknesses. You’re usually careful. You have a confident personality. You sometimes feel anxious, but you don’t often get depressed. You always say what you think even if it annoys people.?










英语话题作文 篇1

        There is a story that an old woman always feels unhappy, because when the sun comes out, she worries about her daughter's business, because the girl sells umbrella. But when it rains, she stills feels unhappy for she worries about her another daugther's business. People tell her to change his point of view, when the it is fine, she ca dn feel happy about her second daughter's business and when it rains, she can be happy about her first daughter's business.

        In that way, she will be a positive woman every day. We can't change the f vdact, but w de can treat things in another way, so that we can be positive all the time.

英语话题作文 篇2

        In the summer holiday.Our family took a trip by plane . We come to the Chinese Capital Beijing.

        Beijing is a prosperous city. It has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty.

        We visited the Museum of the Imperial Palace. I saw the chinese great leader Chairman Mao'body , he is still worth every personal admiration. Then, we visited the Summer Palace, where the scenery is very beautiful. We also went to the bird's nest ,there is very great. Finally , we went to the Great Wall ,really spectacular. I hear the Great Wall is in order to defend the invasion was built here ,with many people's blood.

        Beijing trip is very meaningful . I love you beijing very much !

英语话题作文 篇3

        Would you please tell us something about your favorite singer(s)?

        What animal do you like best? Why? How do you practice your oral English? Which scientist do you like best? Why?

        Which do you like best, Chinese food or western food? Why?

        How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Can you tell us something about your hobby?

        What kind of school activities do you like best? Why?

英语话题作文 篇4


        Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topicCan Money Buy Happiness? You should write no less than 100 words and you should base yourcomposition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

        1. 有人认为金钱是幸福之本 (source of happiness)

        2. 也有人认为金钱是万恶之源 (root of all evil)

        3. 我的看法


        Can money buy happiness? Various people have various answers. Some people think that money is the source of happiness. With money, one can buy whatever he enjoys. With money, one can do whatever he likes. So, in their minds, money can bring comfort, security, and so on. Money, as they think, is the source of happiness.

        But there are still a lot of others who think that money is the root of all evil. Money drives people to steal, to rob, and to break the law. A lot of people became criminals just because they were in search of money. And in the Western countries, there is nothing that can’t be bought by money. Many people lose their own lives when hunting it.

        I think that money is essential to life and we cannot do without money. But even though money is necessary to life, it can’t buy happiness. Happiness is not something that can be measured by money. It is a state of mind. One can have plenty of money, with which he can buy whatever he wants, and at the same time he is not happy because he is never satisfied or he is troubled by various kinds of problems. Therefore, although money is necessary for a happy life, it can’t buy happiness.

英语话题作文 篇5

        this afternoon on my way home i saw lots of people standing:at the gate of the primary school. i didn'tknow what they are doing there at first. then a group ofpupils came out of the school. those people outside the gate went close to the pupils and called out names like "lingling", "fangfang", "xiaohua", etc. then i knew they had come to meet their children.

        these children and other children like them are so happy that they are all like "little emperors"

        it's not good at all. children will be the builders of our-country in the future. there are so many things for them to learn. later many things will be done by them. this means that they shouldn't be "little emperors"

        on the contrary, they should depend on themselves. and they sh0uid do everything they can do without the help of their parents!

        our country's future will be held in the hands of today's children, and, they will be its masters. so they should learn their parents' good habits and get rid of their own 15ad ones. their parents can't look after them forever.





英语话题作文 篇6

        What's friends? Do you have friends? I have many friends, so I always feel happy. In the morning, some of my friends will go to school with me. We often talk and laugh on the way to school. Sometimes we will stop to buy some snacks, school things and other stuff. When I am in school, I always study with friends. When I have something confusion, I will ask them to help. So do they. We help each other. After class, we play together, and go to the shop to buy snacks. They accompany me, so do I. I think this is friends.


英语话题作文 篇7

        The desire for freedom is the nature of people.However, people actually are in the pursuit of equality that we are fairly to participate in economic activities and social activities.But can equality come overnightWe might as well take the gender inequality for an example.

        Women seemed to be the least important creatures in the world in ancient times in China. At that time the criterion whether a woman was good or not was obedient.It meant that women were subordinate to men, not to mention the so-called liberty or equality.What they have was just the responsibility of taking care of the household.

        As time goes by, tremendous changes have happened to women’s status. Being permitted to receive education makes women have the chance to compete with men and change their destinies. Nowadays, such cases are ordinary that people work together regardless of gender and even Women are in a leadership role. Wornen’s status arrives at an unprecedented level which can be called as equality to some extent.

        However, the situation is not so optimistic as the majority of women think. In effect, women are far from being equal to men as a result of the inveterate superiority of men. Although thepeople keeps on saying that women should be treated equally, the idea that men are better than women still exerts a subtle influence on people’s minds. When we open a recruitment ad ,"only men are eligible" is dazzling right thereThat is the reality.

        In my opinion,the concept that people subconsciously tend to value men will not change in a short time. Because weakness of attitude can become weakness of character. Women have characteristic disadvantages that they fail to contend with themselves. However, what I want to point out here is that some women despise themselves and they rely on men. Women think it is perfectly justified for men to open door for them and pay for dinner.Does it make senseHow can you ask others to treat you equally while you have admitted the inequality in advance

        Consequently , I have to say to women that changing yourselves and getting your rights.

英语话题作文 篇8

        Dear classmates:

        I'm Li Hua , After the discussion we found that 70% of the students think they should take all kinds of exercise every day, but not spend too much time. They think exercise builds body and can keep them healthy. Sports also let them have a good rest so that their study will be more effective.

        On the other hand, 30% students believe taking exercise is tiring and it's a waste of time. They say that after having sports they are too excited for a long time to focus on their lessons. And it's possible to be hurt while doing sports.



        :How Will Our Life Go on without Internet

       1. 网路提供给了人们丰富多彩和便捷的生活

       2. 很多人开始感觉离开网路寸步难行

       3. 你对网路依赖症的看法

       ● 审题概述●?



       How Will Our Life Go on without Internet?

       If asked whether the Internet is the greatest discovery of the 20th century, my answer would be yes. The Internet has drawn the world closer together, realized countless incredible dreams, and provided modern people with a great many conveniences and a brilliant life.

       Today, many people simply feel they cannot live without the Internet. Governments publish their latest policies and decisions online for worldwide recognition. Political campaigns are often done online to gain wider public support. panies and enterprises resort to the Internet for more business opportunities and potential customers home and abroad. Universities and researchers turn to the Internet if they’d seek

       international cooperation or funding. mon folks like us also rely on the cyber world in various ways, for munication, entertainment, banking and shopping.

       True, the power of the Internet is all pervasive and its many negative effects are already visible. For example, Internet addicts tend to withdraw to their own fantasy world rather than municate with a real person. Children are exposed to online *** ography and violence. Internet frauds are an everyday occurrence. In view of all this, you are advised to use the Internet with wisdom. Keep it at a safe distance and never lose yourself.


       综述网路给人们生活带来的多彩和便捷。两个长句足矣。第一句用if引导的条件句引出“网路”话题,第二句概述网路带给多彩和便捷的生活。 ◇语言点提示:

       has drawn?, realized, and provided此为谓语连动式的运用。 ◇第二段思路点评:



       resort to借助、诉诸、求助于




       1negative effects副作用、反面作用


       3fantasy world虚拟世界、虚幻世界

       4 *** ography *** 、色情作品



       As a primary source of rmation as well as an efficient means of munication, the Internet offers people a colourful and convenient life. Just by clicking the mouse, we can enjoy a brilliant and easy life that could not be achieved ever before: shopping, making friends, contacting relatives, looking for jobs, downloading music and movies, conducting business deals, and freely airing our opinions.

       For its convenience, the Internet has attracted people like magnets and some people even claim that it is indispensable. To them, life can’t go on without it. Every day millions of people spend hours on end surfing the Internet. They are obsessed with it so much so that they forget many other important matters.

       As for me, I don’t approve of unrestrained Internet reliance. Although the Internet is a gift of the technological revolution and a blessing of this rmation age, we should never let it control our life. The Internet absolutely doesn’t mean the whole world to us. Instead, we should guard against its negative effects. To those Internet addicts, I would add: “Self-control can make or break your life. With proper use, the Internet serves you; otherwise, it kills you.”

        :Craze for Civil Service Examinations

       1. 现在有越来越多的大学毕业生报考公务员

       2. 引起此现象的原因

       3. 你的看法

       ● 审题概述●?



       Craze for Civil Service Examinations?

       Every year hundreds of thousands of people in China take civil service exams conducted at various levels in the hope of being government employees. Among them, college graduates are a fast-growing force that can’t be ignored. The craze for being a civil servant is not limited to liberal arts majors, as it’s also gaining popularity among science and engineering students.

       In the final *** ysis, this growing trend among the youngsters is mainly attributable to two factors – ambitions and forts. On the one hand, many ambitious college graduates view these exams as a springboard to a higher social status, greater power and prestige, on which many of

       their other wishes rest. On the other, as being a civil servant generally means a stable ine, enviable healthcare and pension programmes, as well as other forts of life, it’s quite an appealing career option to many people, especially in this age of sluggish world economy.

       Personally, the desire to be a government official is beyond reproach, as the nation and the people do need an injection of new blood into the civil service sectors. The fresh-faced college graduates, armed with lofty ideals, new vision, and strong drive, are undoubtedly among the best candidates.


       第一句总述人们蜂拥参加公务员招考,第二句点明大学生是其中的主力军,第三句再述热衷于公务员报考的大学生不仅有文科的,还有理工科的。 ◇语言点提示:

       liberal arts majors文科专业学生




       1On the one hand?On the other起到衔接上文作用

       2is attributable to归因于

       3sluggish world economy衰退的世界经济




       beyond reproach无可厚非

        :Enhance Awareness to Guard against Campus Thefts

       1. 校园盗窃案件时有发生

       2. 物品被盗的原因

       3. 学生如何加强防盗意识



       Enhance Awareness to Guard against Campus Thefts?

       “If you don’t want to wake up and find you have no pants to wear, you’d better put them on in sleep,” goes a popular joke among students. Obviously, campus thefts have bee increasingly annoying as they occur far more often than before. And it seems that the thieves are less choosy these days, with their targets ranging widely from bikes, cell phones, purses, pre-paid IC cards to sunglasses, bags, and even underwear. In short, anything that worth a dime is likely to be stolen.

       What makes students the easy targets? The reasons are not hard to find. But I believe of all these reasons, the lack of anti-theft alertness is the most important. For lack of alertness, the students tend to leave the doors and windows wide open during sleep at noon or at night in summer. For the same reason, they’ll also leave their bikes unlocked before a store or by a road, or forget to take away their personal stuff before they go out of the classroom to make a phone call. These acts undoubtedly have increased their exposure to the light-fingered monsters.

       In order to minimize possible losses, the students must stay on guard in the first place, as awareness of the thefts around often makes a big difference. To be more specific, the students should not hide any tempting amount of cash in the dorm. Put it in the bank instead. Besides, do not leave any valuable items unattended. Take them wherever you go. In addition, it’s advisable to develop a neighbourhood watch programme with other students in the dorm and neighbouring dorms.




       it seems that此句型表示一种可能性




       1What makes students the easy targets?此句引出下文

       2anti-theft alertness防盗意识

       3lack of alertness缺乏警惕





       注意关联词语in the first place,Besides,In addition的使用可使行文更富逻辑性。







        Should College Marriage Be Permitted?

        A national debate has sprung up on whether college marriage should be permitted.

        People hold different views towards this issue.

        Some people strongly oppose the permission of college marriage.

        They argue that the chief task for college students is to study,and marriage will distract their attention and occupy a lot of time.

        Moreover, most students are not economically independent,so marriage will cause a lot of problems such as future job hunting and housing.

        Finally, many college students are still not mature enough to establish a family.

        In a word, they believe marriage will largely hinder both present study and future work.

        From my perspective, I think college marriage should be permitted

        but be put into practice with extreme care.

        For one thing, the right of college students should be respected and granted,as they are already adults.

        For another, however, the time in college is so precious that every student should think twice before they decide to get married.

        Undoubtedly, few students will ever get married even though college marriage is permitted.


        issue ['i?ju:] n. 发行物,期刊号,争论点

        hinder ['hind?] adj. 后面的

        permitted adj. 被允许的' v. 允许(permit的过去分词)

        independent [indi'pend?nt] adj. 独立的,自主的,有主见的

        debate [di'beit] n. 辩论,讨论

        occupy ['?kjupai] vt. 占领,占用,占据,使忙碌,使从事

        perspective [p?'spektiv] n. 远景,看法,透视

        permission [p?'mi?n] n. 同意,许可,允许

        extreme [ik'stri:m] adj. 极度的,极端的

        oppose [?'p?uz] vt. 反对,反抗,使对立,使对抗


        Widespread Extravagant Spending on Campus

        Recently, the monthly expenditures of college students tend to be on the rise.

        Some people see widespread extravagant spending on campus as a common practice.

        However, others argue that students should keep frugality in mind.

        Many factors contribute to this issue.

        First, with the general living standard keeping rising, students get more pocket money from their parents to buy whatever they like.

        Besides, with the one-child policy, most students are the only child of their families,so parents and grandparents are willing to provide money for their children.

        Moreover, young students are sensitive to fashions and new trends,and they would like to get whatever they want regardless of financial conditions.

        In my opinion, a student?s spending beyond the boundaries of daily necessities is a kind of waste,and widespread extravagant spending on campus could have a bad influence on people?s values.

        We students should remember that campus is a place for study,so such kind of phenomenon should be prohibited.


        frugality [fru:'g?liti] n. 节俭,俭省

        phenomenon [fi'n?min?n] n. 现象,迹象,(稀有)事件

        extravagant [iks'tr?v?g?nt] adj. 奢侈的,浪费的,过度的,大量的

        issue ['i?ju:] n. 发行物,期刊号,争论点

        contribute [k?n'tribju:t] vt. 捐助,投稿

        widespread ['waidspred] adj. 分布(或散布)广的,普遍的

        willing ['wili?] adj. 愿意的,心甘情愿的

        sensitive ['sensitiv] adj. 敏感的,灵敏的,易受伤害的,感光的

        tend [tend] v. 趋向,易于,照料,护理



       Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of team spirit and communication in the workplace. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


       The Importance of Team Spirit and Communication in the Workplace

       As the saying goes, when teamwork kicks in, nobody can beat you. It highlights the critical role that team spirit plays in completing a task. In my view, team spirit and communication are especially important in the workplace.

       First of all, with the increasingly fierce competition between enterprises, in order to achieve the desired results, cooperation and communication among colleagues are particularly important because they can maximize work efficiency. Secondly, promoting team spirit and communication at work can ensure that everyone understand where the company is going and get them all actively involved in the development of the company. Thirdly, cooperation and communication at work can enhance the interaction between coworkers and form good interpersonal relationships, which is essential to build a friendly, cooperative, and harmonious working atmosphere in the enterprise culture.

       To conclude, we cannot deny that it is almost always the joint efforts of a whole team that decide the success or failure of a project. Therefore, for everyone in the workplace, we should learn to cooperate and communicate effectively with team members, so as to achieve a win-win situation.