2.帮忙写一篇英语文章(Frog Story)的读后感,大概两百字左右(Frog Story)





       Beowulf is the oldest poem in the English language and the most important specimen of Anglo-Saxon literature.The main stories are based on the folk legends of the primitive northern tribes.

       Beowulf is the nephew of king of the Geats who lives in Denmark. He defeated the monster, which raided the hall built by the king of the Danes. Later on, Beowulf becomes king of the Geats. He at last dies a heroic death.

       It is a pagan poem, which presents us an all-round picture of the tribal society.



帮忙写一篇英语文章(Frog Story)的读后感,大概两百字左右(Frog Story)


       i read the book written by luxun .it is called zhaohuaxishi. it includes 10 short articles about the writers stories .they are based on his own experience , when i read this book ,i feel very happy to see luxuns childhood. it was diffrent from ours,so we may find it intersting and exciting. luxuns langange is very great but maybe difficult to understand . but through his words ,we can find his happiness in his heart .


       17th century English related witchcraft superstition is extremelyserious, many everybody because are accused but to suffer in vain forthe sorcerer the fatal disaster. This small story is Zhan Nite abouther whole family pitiful bitter experience narration. Zhan Niespecially told this story the time is in 1634, at that time her onlythen 9 years old, because are actually accused to imprison for thesorceress in the Lancaster castle jail. Before this her maternalgrandmother, the mother and elder brother are all treated as thesorcerer to execute.



       This story started the writer work at a logcabin in those same woods of Northern Wisconsin, somehow a tree frog that hastaken up residence in the studio keep showing.


       First the writer thoughtpossibly the tone of his computer sounded like other tree frogs to attractedthe frog, then because of what his doing-working on a story about globalclimate change.


       he realized the frog actually want to send a message to him: Wehave reached the time when we must be the adults for the planet, for the sakeof the future generations of human and for frogs.


       Environmental problems are becoming moreand more serious all over the world. With the development of industry andagriculture, cars make great noises and give off poisonous gas. Trees on thehills have been cut down,and waste water is being poured continuously intorivers.


       Furthermore,wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelesslydisposed. The whole ecological balance of the earth is changing.



       " The last war elephants " impression after reading

       While this summer vacation, I read " the last war elephants " this book, I think this book is very moving.

       The story is mainly about: in the spring of 1969, by Shen and once with the Japanese operations in the last war elephants -- crack carboxyl became good friends, one morning, crack carboxyl to ourselves as saddle, goodbye and the stockade in people, he alone meet death, however, he is not to Xiangzhong, but to bury over 80 head during war in the dead elephants place, it digs a hole, and his comrades together.

       After reading this book, I feel very touching, the tears streaming down, I thought, as is the partner of human being, just ordinary animal, but when I read the book, I understand the animal and animal between the sincere feelings, they also have feelings, and emotions more vivid than man, more attractive, more long-term.

       Animal world is really wonderful, really great, it is so that we can learn from the truth, therefore, we should treat those who our friends, but not for their own desires to destroy these lovely and kind-hearted animal, human and they live in peace, I hope we can work together to protect our friends.






       An Interesting Book The DA VINCI CODE is really a good book!

       It's very interesting.Although I don't have the knowledge of religion,I am crazy about it!However,my foreign teacher told me that some people who believe in Jesus don't like this book.

       They hold the opinion that the book tells them something wrong.Because I know nothing about religion,I am not sure if it is true.I think that everything has pros and cons,we should learn the good things from the book and don't care about the bad things.

       We can benefit from reading.We can learn lots of knowledge from books.

       Let's read.Books are the food of our spirit.